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The Ultimate Answer for the Busy Professional

Do you want to look amazing every day, but have so little time to shop? Would you love to try something a little out of your comfort zone in the safe space of your home, without eyes you’re sure are judging you? Are you looking to fill some gaps in your wardrobe with high quality, fashionable pieces?

I thought so! I mean, we’re all busy with work, school, etc. But who has time to go to the mall, walk from store to store, spend time looking through racks and then have to wait in line to pay? Not me!

That’s why I Love, LOVE, Love Trunk Club. What is Trunk Club? It’s a clothing subscription service that pairs you up with a personal stylist, who then shops for you based on your preferences, needs, and budget. Trunk Club provides subscription boxes for Petites, regular, plus sizes, maternity, and even men.

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Getting Started with Trunk Club

I initially started at the website and went through a questionnaire, which I found to be very thorough. I was first shown a series of outfits and was asked to choose Yes or No whether I liked the outfit. Next, the survey asks what type of clothing I usually wear during a workday, from casual to business formal. Then I am asked a series of questions regarding how often I wear items like skirts or leggings. You will choose colors and patterns that you dislike, and the jewelry tone you prefer, silver, gold or rose gold. You’ll answer questions about how you like your clothes to fit, and even how high of a heel you like to wear. You will then choose your preferred price range ($50-100, $100-200 or $200+), where you usually shop and what labels you typically wear. You’ll round things up with your size, height, weight, age and how often you want a box (you can also decide later).

My First Interactions with My Trunk Club Stylist

Shortly thereafter, I got a welcome message from my personal Trunk Club stylist. I had to option to either email back and forth or call her. Over time, I ended up doing a bit of both. I initially wondered whether she was a real person, but sure enough, when I spoke with my stylist, there was an actual person on the other line! She was always responsive—if she wasn’t in the office, I would get an email message, which also showed up in my account on that she wasn’t in the office, but then she would respond quickly.

After the initial discussion, I got a notification that my box had been prepared. I logged onto the site to see what my stylist had chosen for me. If I didn’t like something, I deleted it and then at my request, she would add in alternate choices and maybe some other pieces she thought I might like. For my first box, I elected to get some casual clothes.

I was so excited when the box finally arrived on my doorstep. The first box, sadly, was a fail. Some of the sizes were not quite right for me. They were the right numbers, but you know that sizing varies over brands. I didn’t really like anything in the box and ended up sending everything back except one shirt.

I tried again, and I would say maybe the 3rd or 4th time, she really started to understand my style. So much so, she would just add some surprise pieces that I didn’t know were coming. She was GOOD. Or, she knew that I was an unapologetic shopaholic. Either way. I had to be careful because a couple of times I totally blew my budget because there was so much that I loved.

The Pros of Trunk Club

  • I could try clothes in the comfort of my own home when I had time

  • The convenience of having someone choose items for me, based on my preference and need

  • I could have someone else find fashionable items to go with things I already owned

  • I could request a box for a special occasion, like weddings, or New Years parties

  • My stylist found things that looked good on me, that I might not be able to find on my own

  • The finds fit within the budget I designated

  • I had 5 days to try on the items in the box, but I could extend if necessary

  • Includes accessories, shoes, and intimates

  • I had stylish outfits in brands that I like to shop

  • If I found the same item on sale on the Nordstrom site, I could get the price match honored with no trouble

  • My stylist was accessible, personable and responsive

  • My stylist listened to what I wanted and was able to find clothing that fit my style

  • The purchase process was easy: I kept what I wanted and was charged upon return of the remaining items

  • I could get boxes as frequently as I wanted, either scheduled or on-demand

  • I got to speak to a real person to discuss my options and to provide feedback for the box

  • Great customer service

  • The items I got were often new releases, so few people were wearing what I was wearing

  • You could schedule a free UPS pick up via the website (you could also drop it off if you so desired)

  • If you make a purchase, the styling fee is deducted from your total

  • Even if you decided later after returning the box that you didn’t want an item, it was just a matter of a quick phone call and you would get a return label

  • It was easy to make exchanges

The Cons of Trunk Club

  • Somewhere along the way, my stylist moved on (hopefully to bigger and better things) and I had to essentially start the process over with a new person

  • The items I got were often new release, and therefore were full price

  • There is a small (about $10) styling fee, so if you don’t make a purchase, you will at least be charged $10

  • The time required in making returns and waiting for exchanges

Do I Recommend Trunk Club?

Absolutely. It’s worth a try. The pros by far outweigh the cons. I found some cool and unique pieces that I probably wouldn’t have found without the recommendation. I tried some styles and cuts that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, and some of them I really liked and I looked pretty fabulous in. It was very convenient, being able to try on clothes at midnight or 6 am.

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