I guess everyone has a list of beauty products that they have to have to look their best and feel their best. It sometimes takes years to compile their arsenal. Well, here’s my list. Some of the items are more general, but there are a lot of specific items that I am absolutely obsessed with. So here they are, my current obsessions:

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L’occitane en Provence Extra Gentle Soap in Milk

This soap is gentle on the skin, with a light, almost imperceptible scent. I especially like that because I wear perfume almost every day and I don’t want soap mixing with the smell of the perfume. Plus, it makes a rich lather that is gentle on the skin. Other fragrances include Lavender and Lemon Verbena. I also love the zesty Lemon Verbena, and during the summer, I often switch between the two.

L’occitane’s extra gentle soaps are made with Shea Butter and what I also love is that this company works with the Burkinabé women of west Africa, helping to support the economy in fair trade and to sustain the harvesting traditions of the people there. But this soap is great, not just in the colder months, but helps support skin that can get dried out by sitting in air-conditioned offices all day!


  L’occitane en Provence Extra-Gentle Soap, $10
L’occitane en Provence Extra-Gentle Soap, $10


Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Purifying Body Wash

I was first introduced to the Red Flower brand at a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I have been a devoted fan ever since. It has this awesome, mysterious scent that is unlike any other body wash I have ever come across. If you’re looking for something beyond the usual rose petals or daisies, this is worth checking out.

I love that this body wash 100% natural and is made with organic fruit, flower and leaf extracts. It includes certified organic cucumber, apple, chamomile, green tea, ginger, and aloe vera. And it’s good for your skin! It has omega-6 and other vitamins to energize and repair your skin. It cleans without stripping your skin of necessary oils and leaves behind a beautiful, delicate scent.

There are no dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or synthetic preservatives. It’s also gluten-free and vegan. This fantastic body wash also comes in Spanish Gardenia, Italian Blood Orange, French Lavender, Japanese Peony, Wanderlust, Ocean, Indian Jasmine, and Moroccan Rose.


  Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Purifying Body Wash, $22
Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Purifying Body Wash, $22


Aveeno Body Wash

As you know, my skin can get pretty dry, so I always have this body wash on hand. Sometimes I even add it to the Red Flower Body wash, just for an added boost of moisture when I’ve been in the pool or out in the sun, or sometimes for no reason at all.

One of the main reasons for its great moisturizing qualities is colloidal oatmeal, which attracts and locks in moisture. I have used a lot of products in an attempt to help improve my dry skin, but I have to tell you when I started using Aveeno products, my skin just looks and feels so much better at any time of the year. It works! The lather is so silky smooth and a small amount produces tons of bubbles.

I’ve gradually started using a lot of Aveeno products, including body lotions and sunblocks. I’m definitely a loyal customer, and for good reason.


  Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, $7
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, $7


Cozy Socks

Many people underestimate my love of cozy socks.  As for me, I cannot understand how there are people that exist who are not in love with the cozy sock.  I mean, what’s not to love? They’re soft and fuzzy, and a necessity for those days when Netflix and Chill is on the agenda.  I wear cozy socks to bed, even in the summer!

For our first Christmas together, my boyfriend asked me what I wanted. Pretty close to verbatim, I answered, “I don’t know…cozy socks.”  On Christmas day, he presented me with a beautiful, wonderfully overpriced Hermes.

When I asked, “where are the cozy socks?” He looked at me like I was insane and replied, “I thought you were kidding!”

 He knows better now.

  Butter Ankle Socks by Make + Model, Nordstrom, $12
Butter Ankle Socks by Make + Model, Nordstrom, $12

A Fabulous Scarf

And speaking of scarves…this is yet another item I am fully obsessed with.  Scarves are great because they have so many functions: they can keep you warm, make a much fancier belt, adorn the handle of your purse, even make a great hair accessory.  It’s so easy to add a pop of color to an outfit with a scarf. It’s almost as if you have a new outfit if you add a scarf. You are only limited by your imagination!

If you run into me out in the world, I will either be wearing a scarf or have a scarf in my purse 95% of the time.  The remaining 5% accounts for the times when I have forgotten my scarf on my way out. Hence the Christmas present, the Hermes scarf.

Just as Carrie Bradshaw had a weakness for Manolo Blahnik’s shoes, I have a weakness for Hermes scarves.

  Animapolis Scarf 90 by Hermes, $415
Animapolis Scarf 90 by Hermes, $415

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

Love, love, LOVE.  

I like my mascara to make my eyelashes look more dense because fortunately, my lashes are fairly long.  But I like that almost fake eyelash look. Monsieur Big mascara does just that!

Before this mascara was released, I was a big fan of Hypnôse Drama, but the first time I tried this, I was hooked. It’s as big and bold as you can get without putting on extra lashes.  

There’s such a noticeable effect with the first swipe of this product, adding a primer just take your lashes to the next level.


  Monsieur Big Mascara, Lancôme, $25
Monsieur Big Mascara, Lancôme, $25



I have to say, I am a perfume fiend.  I can blame my mom for this one, because she is, too (I have to hide my perfumes from her when she comes over).  

I have way too many bottles of perfume in my bathroom, but I wear it more days than not, because it makes me happy. It’s amazing how a perfume can enhance an event or improve an attitude.  It can be a pick me up, like Orange Sanguine from Atelier Cologne is for me. Or be a comfort, as is Santal Carmin is for me, also by Atelier Cologne.

However, my current obsession is a perfume from Bond No. 9–New York, the Signature Scent.  When I wear it, I feel like I walk with more purpose, I am decisive and sure of myself. And when I pair it with one of my favorite red lipsticks, I feel like I am going to conquer the world, that very day. I have stopped people in their tracks, in a good way!

  Bond No. 9 New York Signature Scent, $295-$410
Bond No. 9 New York Signature Scent, $295-$410

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer

This has become my holy grail primer.  I have to battle the pores on my nose and cheeks constantly it seems.  When I need to make them virtually disappear, this primer does the trick!  

Not only does it fill in my pores, but it gives me a smooth, matte finish that lasts all day.  


  Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer, $41
Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer, $41



One of my sisters introduced me to this stuff.  This is another product with multiple uses. It can be used to treat dry skin, dry cuticles, diaper rash, teething rash (according to aquaphor.com) minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns, chapped lips, and cracked heels and feet.  

I use it primarily in place of chapstick. For some reason, chapstick still results in my lips feeling dry (my sister tells me it is the beeswax). I add it to some lipsticks for a little extra moisture when I need to.

  Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $7
Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $7


Last but not least.  My day may start before I have my coffee, but it kicks into gear once I’ve had my coffee.  

I’ll take it really in any form: drip, French press, K-cup, pour-over, you name it. I recently splurged and bought an espresso maker, and, wow!  Game changer.

I get to have my delicious Illy whenever I want it, when before I had to go to a cafe or restaurant.


  Illy Ground Coffee, $15
Illy Ground Coffee, $15


Out of curiosity…

What are your current obsessions?

Do you share any of my obsessions?

If you were stuck on an island, what beauty product or piece of clothing would you HAVE to have with you?

Comment below, and remember to share the love!

Until next time,

Cheers, dears!

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