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You’re starting to see it more and more. The newest trend (craze?) in the beauty world is CBD. With the increasing use of marijuana for medical purposes, legalization of marijuana in more states, it almost seems natural that the use of marijuana and related compounds would find themselves appearing in our daily mainstream lives.

But with the popularity of CBD growing, there are a lot of questions that remain. Many people don’t even know what CBD is, whether it works and whether they should make it part of their beauty regimen.

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What is CBD and CBD oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol.

It’s related to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound in cannabis (marijuana, or whatever pet terms you have for it) that produces the high. Think of them as cousins. They both come from the flower of the cannabis plant.

Can CBD get you high?

Cannabis has over a hundred of what is called a phytocannabinoid that is unique to cannabis.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high because CBD acts on different receptors in your brain and body. And if you’re curious, yes, our bodies indeed have similar compounds, called endogenous cannabinoids.


Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


Use of CBD as treatment

CBD has been examined and used as treatment for several issues, like anxiety or depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. There is a growing number of beauty products that are capitalizing on the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Is CBD safe? Mayo Clinic has addressed some concerns over the growing use of CBD.

Science alert! In June 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a drug called Epidiolex, which is an almost pure pharmaceutical CBD formulation. The intended use was as treatment for severe seizure disorders in children, called Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gestaut, which otherwise were very hard to control.

Is it marijuana in makeup? Makeup containing CBD

Not all CBD is alike. Just as the terms “natural” and “organic” are often used loosely, the same is the case with CBD.

If you look carefully at the ingredients, you may see the term “cannabis sativa” as an ingredient. In actuality, this is hemp seed oil. There is NO CBD in hemp seed oil. And as you know, hemp is not a new thing.

However, it does still have great ingredients for skin love, including omega-3-fatty acids and all essential amino acids. It’s still a superfood!

Looking to amp up your skin and hair health? Have you ever thought of taking hair, skin and nail supplements? I tried some—let me tell you what I thought of 2 popular brands.


Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


Hemp seed oil in makeup

It is possible to get CBD from hemp plants, though. It takes a lot of hemp, but it is possible. This is referred to as “hemp oil.” The flowers of the hemp are where most CBD can be pulled, and the stems and stalks have little to none. So, the most potent hemp oil will come from only the flowers.

So bottom line, know what you’re buying. Story of your life, right?

Keep your skin glowing this summer with a dry body oil spray. It’s lightweight but packs a punch in the moisture department. I reviewed 5 of them. Which ones were worth it? Which ones should you bypass? You’ve got to read to find out!

Milk Makeup and cannabis

Btw, Milk’s products contain cannabis sativa, a.k.a. hemp seed oil. There’s a great article in WWD where Dianna Ruth, the chief operating officer at Milk Makeup, discusses current challenges with using CBD in makeup. Check it out.

Have you tried any beauty products containing CBD or hemp? What did you think?

Until next time,

Cheer, dears!

Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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