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The Most Empowering Body Affirmations to Improve Your Day

I just thought that I would provide a few positive affirmations that everyone might find useful.

Some days, you may feel completely confident and you feel like you can rule the world. However, some days you need a little boost.

So feel free to take a look at these. Print them out, put them where you can see them every day, or write them in your journal, or even on the mirror in the morning.

Know that you are loved and appreciated. Sending positive thoughts.

It can be tough to keep a positive attitude. The world is telling you that you should look a certain way or be a certain size.

We are all different, but insecurities have us constantly searching what size a celebrity is and leading us to compare ourselves. What size am I, you wonder, and when you decide on a good number, you hold onto it, even if the dress doesn’t fit.

Here is a great article I found about someone struggling with body issues, called “How I learned to accept my body.”

If you are struggling to accept your body, give it a peek.

Accept yourself. Love and take care of your body. Seek out people who nurture and support you. Adorn your body with attire that compliments you, not remind you of your shortcomings. If you are wondering how to put together a new look, start by clicking the link.

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