Hey, I’m Annita!

Welcome to Sequins In My Salad!

I know what you’re thinking–what’s up with that name, sis?

Sequins In My Salad represents 2 things to me:

⇒That there is something bright and special about every single day.

Sometimes you have to look a little harder for it, but practicing gratitude makes for a happier life.

⇒Fashion should be fun!

I love fashion, and I believe that everyone should wear clothing that represents who they are.

After all, if we are all judged (rightly or wrongly) by our appearances, we may as well wear what makes us feel confident and beautiful, right?


Preppy-Tomboy-Chic-Glam. Because why choose one?

And the combination of your own choices combines to make your own signature style.

While I am blessed in the height department (5 foot 11 inches), not all the clothing you will see will be made specifically for tall women, but I’ll try to make that clear in each case.

Because you deserve to feel fabulous in your clothes.

You deserve to have something that FITS.

You deserve something that is fun to wear and beautiful to see.

I am also all about a 360-degree view of beauty. It’s not all about clothes. 

It’s about taking care of your skin, eating delicious treats in moderation, and practicing self-care.

I believe that it is possible, important even, to have a full, quality life surrounded by people you love.

Work hard, celebrate your victories, however small, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

YOLO, right?

So, let’s have some fun, shall we?




Below, you’ll find a few of the latest and greatest posts for you to enjoy. Get a feel for things around here and reach out with any questions or comments. As you’ll see, I answer any comments to the posts. It would be awesome to hear from you!

Here are the links I highly recommend that you read if you are trying to find your own signature style or need to find your body type. These are going to be vital as we search around the internet for fabulous outfits: