Hey, I’m Annita Nikole.

This blog all started with a bet with my BF, Ronnie, and his uncle. Actually, I guess it was more of a challenge. We all love fashion, so we tend to buy more than we can possibly wear. The challenge what that if we bought anything (over a certain dollar amount) for 3 months, we would owe the other two $1000. Yep.

Ridiculous, right? Needless to say, I did not buy anything for 3 months.

But it got me to channel all that shopping energy into this blog, DrNStyle (the N is for my middle name). I am the NONMODEL. That’s right. I’m tall, but I’m not a model. Just a regular extraordinary girl.

I do the vast majority of my shopping online these days. That’s because, being tall (5 foot 11 inches), there isn’t always clothing in an actual store that I can wear and be comfortable and confident.

So I thought I would share my finds as well as tips and tricks (and promo codes!!!), to save you time with your shopping and make getting dressed a breeze. Because you’re busy, right???


What's my style?

Preppy-Tomboy-Chic-Glam. Because why choose one? And the combination of your own choices combine to make your own signature style.

I’ve developed my style over years of trial and error, but you don’t have to. I used to hate getting dressed and going shopping. Now, I have to rein myself in!

This is a blog for tall women, or anyone, who loves fashion and style. I love fashion, and I want to provide style tips and outfit inspiration for all the tall beautiful women out there! I know where to find everything from shirts and tops to pants, and coats for tall women. And, being a professional, I can tell you where to find a decent suit!

I’ll provide style inspiration for you, and you can provide inspiration for me, deal?

So, let’s have some fun, shall we?

I’m about more than just fabulous clothes. I promote a long, healthy lifestyle filled with fun, adventure, and surrounded by love, so of course, I’ll talk about that, too!


Below, you’ll find a few of the latest and greatest posts for you to enjoy. Get a feel for things around here and reach out with any questions or comments. As you’ll see, I answer any comments to the posts. It would be awesome to hear from you!

Here are the links I highly recommend that you read if you are trying to find your own signature style or need to find your body type. These are going to be vital as we search around the internet for fabulous outfits:

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