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The Best Loungewear Sets for Effortless Style

Are you searching for the most stylish loungewear sets that will keep you both comfy casual and stylishly chic?

Before the past year, I personally was not a fan of wearing sweats, and to me, loungewear was essentially sweats in my mind….

Loungewear: The New T-shirt & Jeans

But the realities of the pandemic meant a lot more time spent indoors at desks for work and on the couch during free time.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how hard it was wearing skinny jeans all day long!

So really, attire had to evolve with the change in our lifestyles, and so loungewear became a staple for many women, including me.

After perusing so much IG and seeing so many people outfitted in the trend, I figured I should see what the big deal was.

So while doing a little online shopping, I found a really affordable tall loungewear set on Boohoo, so I decided, what the heck.


Loungewear sets are the best of both worlds: comfy and chic!

The set from Boohoo was true to size. Its from the tall line of products, so the proportions are definitely better for me.

It sold out, so I’ve linked some similar styles, ALL UNDER $50!

As I’ve noticed, however, these loungewear styles seem to be ankle length or even come to mid calf, another feature that makes it comfortable and breathable.

The Easy Comfort of the Loungewear Set

The next loungewear set I found is from Onzie

This one is closer to a sweatsuit style, but the star pattern makes it more fun.

It’s so cozy, really soft on the inside. I really liked this set for hanging out on the couch or FaceTiming.

I can really get comfortable while streaming a movie or binge watching the latest series on Netflix!

What’s great about women’s loungewear sets like this one and others, you can wear them as separates, or you can wear them together. They look great either way making it an outfit so versatile that you’ll be able to wear it in even more situations. 

And now, loungewear for women this season are getting even more cozy, but just as chic.

Sweatsuits: Not Just for Gym!

Sweatsuits are getting a makeover, and I have to say, I approve!

I can’t say that I have always thought that sweatsuits were very fashionable. I had always equated them with something like gym class or exercise, never an outfit that I would wear out.  

They just never seemed dressy enough to wear outside of the house, much like pajamas in my mind.

But the new styles of these lounge co ords make these types of loungewear a lot more appealing to me.

This outfit from Intermix, for example.

It certainly has the feel of the usual sweatsuit, but it is definitely such a cute style that I can wear it almost anywhere.

The puff sleeves are on trend, and the belt makes this a little less casual than the usual sweatsuit.

It’s so perfectly comfortable when I added my sneakers and it’s great for traveling, running errands, really anything.

All these outfits are on repeat in my wardrobe.

I never thought I would be such a fan of womens loungewear, but these outfits make it easy to see why. They are not meant to be too casual or look like you’re going to gym class.

What do you think of loungewear sets? Are you on board or no? Do you own a loungewear set, and if so, who is it by? Let’s compare!

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