Clear the Clutter: How to Declutter Your Closet, Organize Your Clothes, and Keep Clutter At Bay

 Decluttering your closet once and for all.

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Decluttering your closet can be such a challenger, isn’t it?  I know I have that problem!  

I considered giving you a picture of my actual closet, but that might scare you.

Sure, I could say prevent a cluttered closet by not letting too many clothes in, or clothes that don’t fit strict criteria, but hey.  Every closet needs a little decluttering now and then.  There are so many beautiful clothes that it’s hard to say no, right?

We’re going to go over how to accomplish this.  And we’re going to learn how to manage closet clutter once and for all!

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What are the benefits of decluttering?

There are a lot of good reasons for decluttering your clothes.  The dictionary definition of decluttering is literally, “to remove unnecessary items (from an untidy or overcrowded space).”  

  1. You can find your clothes.

  2. The ones you have won’t be so wrinkled all the time. They can breathe.

  3. You never have anything to wear.


 How often should you be clearing out the closet clutter?


How do I declutter my closet?

The first order of business is to determine what exactly in your closet is unnecessary.

I think there are 5 questions central to clearing out the closet clutter.

  1. Does it fit? Do the shoes cut off your circulation? The zipper doesn’t go all the way to the top? It’s time to get rid of these items.

  2. Do I wear it? Have you just been holding onto an article of clothing because you think you might lose a few pounds and fit into it one day? Is it more sentimental, and just associated with specific memories? In need of alterations? I think a good rule of thumb, considering the seasons, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you should give serious consideration into letting someone else love it.

  3. Is it wearable? Does it have that makeup stain that you could never get rid of? A tear that’s not supposed to be there? The weird smell did not come out after washing a bunch of times? Can you only wear the shoes from the car to the doorway because the heels are so high and thin, it just hurts after that?

  4. Do I love it? I know this is very Marien Kondo, but it’s true. I am of the opinion that what you wear can bring you a measure of happiness. If you have to spend your hard-earned cash on it, you may as well end up wearing something you like.

  5. Does it project the image you want to project? This is an important question to think about, particularly with life changes, like changing jobs, or just growing up and evolving. Maybe decluttering your clothes is necessary when you want to change your image or evolve your style.

    Get your FREE PRINTABLE to get started organizing your closet.


 How often should I be decluttering my closet?


How often should I declutter?

I think it depend on you how often you decide to clear the clutter.  Some people do an extreme declutter once a year in the form of Spring Cleaning, others a couple times a year.  Yet others declutter their closets seasonally, or only when they move.  It’s really what you think you can maintain.  

Clearing Your Clutter Out on a Daily (Or Near Daily) Basis 

Personally, I have found that the most effective way for me to declutter my wardrobe is to do it as I go through the closet.  I have a bag designated for donations/consignment.  

But you could use anything—a box, a large shopping bag, anything that you can specifically designate for your donations.

Make it easily accessible, so as you get dressed or go searching for something, if you find something that needs to go, you can take care of it then and there.

Sometimes, if I find myself starting to buy too many clothes and I feel things getting out of hand, I institute a one-in-one-out type of plan.  If I buy 1 thing, I must put 1 thing in the bag to donate.  This also helps to keep my clutter at bay.  At the very least, it will be in a sort of steady-state.

Decluttering Your Closet on a Weekly Basis

You can make it part of your weekly routine.  If you normally clean your living space once a week or every other week, you can take 10 or 20 minutes to go through your clothes.  You can tidy up the closet in general, by picking clothing up from the floor, putting things back in hangers, or back in order.  And you can go through and collect clothing items that are cluttering up your closet.  Of course, at first, it may take a bit longer, but as you go along, you’ll need less and less time.

Seasonal Closet Decluttering

In this instance, if you choose to declutter your closet once a season or so, I would recommend that you also take this opportunity to clear off the shelving, go through boxes, etc.  

You can dust and vacuum.  Find any items that need repairs that you may have forgotten about or been putting off.  And anything you might have missed taking to the cleaners.  You will likely also find clothing that has fallen into corners, nooks, crannies, etc.


 Decluttering your clothes.


What To Do with Your Clothes After Decluttering the Closet

Periodically, about once a season, I go through the bag and decide what I want to donate versus consign.  The more valuable items that are in better condition, I consign, especially if they are designer.  I have had a lot of success with the RealReal.  This is an online consignment boutique that specializes in designer goods.

Anything that is sent to them is appraised and evaluated for authenticity and condition so that you are sure to get the best price for your item, and if you make a purchase, you can be assured that you have an authentic product.

For items that are not designer necessarily, but in excellent condition, I add to my Poshmark store (find it here).  Everything else, I just donate.

Find a local organization that you believe in and donate there.  Some organizations are able to come pick up the items from your doorstep, others may not, so check with the specific organization.

If you want an organization that gives items away as opposed to profiting from what you’ve given them, be sure to look into that as well.

Final Thoughts on Decluttering Your Closet

A cluttered closet can seem overwhelming at first.  Decluttering has its benefits.  You can easily separate the clothing to keep versus the clothing to sell, consign or donate by keeping those 5 questions in mind.  Determine the frequency of clearing the clutter that you can deal with and commit to doing.  But with a simple plan, you can tackle and get rid of the clutter.



 How do I declutter my closet?


Some of the Best Books on Decluttering

Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff, by Dana K. White

The Sentimental Person’s Guide to Decluttering, by Claire Middleton

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo

Making Space, Clutter-Free: The Last Book on Decluttering You’ll Ever Need, by Tracy McCubbin and HighBridge 

New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else), By Faye Wolf

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