You’ll discover the best dresses for the apple body figure.

The most flattering clothes for the apple shape

Hello, Apple divas!

Let’s talk about the best clothing for your apple body shape. This body type may seem challenging to dress. However, there are some simple principles that, when followed, will complement your apple body and make you look amazing.

This post is part of a series discussing all the major body shapes, so never fear, my dear!  I want you to find the right clothes for your body type! The other posts in this series so far are the inverted triangle body shape, pear body shape and rectangle body shape. Still to come is the hourglass body shape.  So make sure you’re subscribed. You don’t want to miss anything!

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Characteristics of the Apple Body Shape

  1. Your waist measurement is larger than your hips

  2. Your waist measurement is larger than your hips

  3. You don’t have a well-defined waist

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to have a large tummy to be an apple shape!  Apple-shaped women also tend to have broad shoulders and can have smaller arms and legs. You often have hips that are narrower than your bust.  

If you need help figuring out what body type you have, follow the highlighted link to help get you started.  If you know your measurements already, just use this handy calculator I found, which will figure out your body shape for you.  Enter your bust, waist and hip measurements, and voila! It will tell you which body shape you have.

Women with an apple body shape tend to carry weight right in the waist area, and so that’s where attention will tend to settle.  The good news about having an apple body shape is that you either have a great bust line (work it, girl!), some shapely legs (watch out!), or BOTH!  The key for you, then, is going to draw the eye away from your middle upwards to accentuate your top half, or downwards to draw attention to your legs.  Another key, especially if you are on the shorter side, is to make yourself appear taller and therefore minimizing your middle.

Even more so than the other body shapes, fabric choice is going to be vital for this body type.  Slinky, clingy fabrics are not for you–this includes a lot of jersey fabrics and some polyester fabrics.  This will be minimized if they are blended with something like cotton, but it’s going to be important that you pay attention to the fabric composition.



Celebrities who have an apple body shape just like you

  • Mindy Kaling

  • Oprah

  • Blake Lively

  • Drew Barrymore

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • Kate Winslet

  • Amy Schumer

  • Jessica Simpson

They always slay the red carpet when they step out, don’t they? That’s right, and so can you!

The most flattering dresses and tops for the apple shape

The best tops and dresses for apple-shaped figures are going to be V-neck or Scoop neck tops, and even a deep V-neck.  These types of necklines help to visually elongate your neck and therefore your body.

Go for tops that flow out from underneath the bust line, like an empire waist, or an A-line that skims the hips.  This helps to downplay your midsection and play up your bust area.

The apple shape looks good rocking tunic style tops.  These kinds of tops work to lengthen your body visually.  Make sure that the tunic you choose stops at the bottom of your fingertips when you hold your hands down by your side.  Too high, and you risk drawing too much attention to your middle, and you miss the elongating effects of the tunic top.

Other great choices of tops for the apple body have A-line silhouettes.  You also look great in the more relaxed, boyfriend button-up shirt.  I’ll be your lookout while you go through your BF’s closet!



Some of the best dresses for apple shape are strapless dresses or sweetheart necklines.  If you are okay with your arms, you can also do sleeveless dresses, of course. If you prefer sleeves, go for something somewhat fitted to balance your bust and midsection.

One of the best ways to make it appear as if you have a more defined waist is to wear wrap style dresses and tops.  However, avoid dresses that have wide belts or sashes, or any detailing that will draw attention to your midsection.  Any embellishments should be above (for example, at the shoulders) or below the waist.

It’s important to be careful about jersey fabrics as well.  This fabric tends to be thinner and clingier than you need, and can sometimes settle in places you don’t want it to.  Go for fabrics with a little more structure like a thicker cotton. Other good choices include linen, raw silk, gabardine or tweeds. 

Shift dresses are a great choice for you because they play down your waist and skim over your hips. These types of dresses are very flattering and create a line where the midsection is minimized, sometimes enough to be virtually invisible!

The layered look is always a good option for the apple body. Choose multiple layers with different finishing points, or a waterfall type cardigan.  Make sure that there is enough room around the tummy area. Loose cardigans over tank tops can hide any bulge and give you the illusion of a more shapely figure.

 The best skirts for the apple shape

A-line, ruffled or flared skirts create volume at your hips, which tend to be on the narrow side, which help to make your midsection or waist smaller in comparison.  

Other great skirt options for you are full, circle, bias cut, and trumpet skirts.

Another good choice is a skirt with an uneven, or handkerchief hem, which will draw attention to your legs. 

Knee-length pencil skirts are good because they create a clean line through your center of gravity down into your legs.

Choose skirts that have zippers at the side and make sure that any pleats or detailing starts below the midsection so that you can prevent adding any extra volume to the area.

Notes on dressing the petite (up to 5’2”) apple body shape 

If you are a slimmer apple-shaped woman, the differences in your measurements are not as obvious.  

So you can wear skinny jeans and leggings, without looking out of proportion.  However, go for jeans and pants with a higher waistline. For example, low rise jeans will probably end up in a muffin top.

Patterns should be small and proportional, and dark colors are always better. Some detailing on the neckline will help bring the eye up, but make sure this goes with a V-neck or U-neck top.  Something with a higher neck, like a crew neck, will make you look top-heavy.

As for skirts, choose ones just above the knee or pair the skirts with heels so that you don’t look like you’re being swallowed up by your clothes.

Skirts on the petite frame can sometimes emphasize your apple shape, so it’s important to visually elongate your torso to compensate.

The best coats and jackets for apple-shaped women

It’s important that the blazers and jackets you choose fit at the shoulders (this is a notable difference compared to other body types).  It’s less important that it be able to fit across your tummy. You can always “fill the gap” with a scarf, for example.

Blazers should be more structured for you so that you can give the appearance of curves.  Choose single-breasted blazers or ones with “V” shaped lapels.

A longer cardigan, duster, or long vest will create more of a vertical line, which will help to elongate your silhouette and hide your tummy.  

Apple shapes look the best in a jacket or coat that hits at the upper thigh or hip.  The garment skims past your midsection and will help balance out your frame. 

Opt for A-line coats or straight knee-length style trenches or ponchos.

Buttons should be below the bust, to give a cinching effect to your waistline. 

A simple way to take attention from your midsection is to throw on a structured blazer or coat! This creates curves where you want them, like your shoulders, bust, and hips.

The best jeans for apple-shaped women

Since your midsection tends to be wider, your legs will, by extension, likely look smaller than they are.  Balance this out by wearing lighter colors on your bottom half.  

Boot cut or flared jeans are great for creating curves and making your body look longer.

Straight leg cuts and wide-leg are also a great option for evening out your silhouette.

It’s tempting to want to wear skinny jeans or leggings, but these can make your legs look a lot thinner than the rest of your body, and therefore make you look off-balance.

Accessories and shoes for women with an apple body

Make sure that accessories are proportional.  If you are more petite, they should be smaller and more delicate.  If you are tall and plus size, you can go for bolder jewelry.

Avoid wide belts, which will put more emphasis on your tummy, which you are trying to downplay. 

Necklaces that produce a V-shape, or U-shape are great options for accessories because they help elongate your body.

Use accessories like statement necklaces or a scarf to draw the eye up to your face.

Either alternatively or simultaneously, you can wear colorful or interesting shoes to bring focus to your legs.

See more styles and outfits for the apple body shape on this dedicated Pinterest page!



Final thoughts on finding the most flattering clothing for the apple body shaped woman

To best compliment the woman with an apple body shape, it is necessary to emphasize her best assets, her bust, and legs. This will help draw the eye from her midsection.

Clothing with a V-neck or U-neck, as well as accessories that create these shapes, help to draw the eye upward. By using hemlines and paying close attention to proportions, the eye can be drawn down, away from the tummy and to concentrate on her legs. Careful layering can be a go-to look year-round.

With these methods, any woman with an apple body figure will look more proportional and always lovely.

Until next time, dears!

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