How To Get That Natural Glow with Dry Brushing

When you wake up in the morning, you do some basic things before going about your daily business for the day.

Some of these things include brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, or even your eyebrows.

But do you know that you can also brush your entire body, including facial dry brushing?

Dry brushing is simply a type of ayurvedic medicinal practice that people have used for years.

It has met an equal amount of skepticism and enthusiasm over the years, however, many believe that there are many great benefits to dry brushing.

Read on to learn more, and whether dry brushing might be something you should consider in your skincare regimen.  

How Do You Dry Brush Your Body in General?

Dry brushing is done by rubbing a brush with natural fiber and coarse bristles over the whole body in a circular pattern.

It works on the principle of exfoliation, the coarse fibers removing dead skin and improving the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins from the surface of the skin.

Perfect Your Dry Brushing Technique

Start from your feet and work your way up the body.

Brush your skin in regular clockwise and circular motions.

Reduce pressure in areas with thinner skins and apply more pressure in areas with thicker skin.

Be sure to avoid sensitive areas like wounds, rashes, cuts, and infections.

After dry brushing, take a shower to remove the dry skin and use mild products to moisturize your skin.

Dry Brushing for Your Face

Dry brushing the face may be performed daily after cleansing as part of your nighttime skincare routine.

Alternatively, dry brushing may be the first step in your morning skincare ritual.

Be sure to do this on dry/product-free skin! And to use a specially made smaller facial brushes appropriate for the face.

Firstly, you’ll want to start at your neck and brush with light downward strokes in order to stimulate lymphatic drainage and to invigorate your skin!

You should also use light pressure because you are not trying to scrub off the skin, just get the blood and lymphatic fluid going.

Work your way up using short, soft strokes moving from the center to your hairline.

You may give a little extra attention to places where you notice more congestion or puffiness.

Finish up with long upward strokes starting from the neck and all the way up the face!

dry brushing for skin exfoliation home spa techniques primally pure natural Bristle brush

Benefits of Dry Brushing

🌱Exfoliating the skin (removing some layers of the skin).

🌱Helping the body get rid of toxic organisms.

🌱Helping the body break down cellulite.

🌱Increasing blood circulation and general body energy.

🌱Stimulating the lymphatic system.

What do I do after dry brushing?

If you want to shower after exfoliation, use a mild body wash.

I love to use this beautifully scented bath soak from Primally Pure. It’s made with natural lavender and geranium oils as well as Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles and draw out toxins. Plus, the tiny petals just take it over the top! It’s great for a perfect self-care Sunday or any day!

Afterwards, follow it up with mild products like body moisturizers, body gels or oils because, after dry brushing, the skin may be more sensitive.

Is Dry brushing for Everyone?

Well, since dry brushing involves removing the upper layers of the skin, people with very sensitive skins should not try dry brushing.

This is because dry brushing can make the skin more sensitive, so you can imagine the effect it might have on already sensitive skin…ouch!

People who have skin conditions are also not advised to carry out dry brushing because this may worsen these conditions.


What Tools Do I Need for Dry Brushing?

First and foremost, you will need a brush!

Not every type of brush can be used to brush the skin. Brushes with natural fiber bristles are the recommended tools for dry brushing the body and face.

Also, the brush may have a long handle for reaching all parts of the body.

I personally love the brushes from Primally Pure.

There is not only a brush appropriate for the body (here), there is a facial brush as well (here). Get both here! The body brush is made from sustainable wood and boar bristles, while the facial brush is made of goat hair.

Quick tip!

Perform dry brushing in the shower for easy cleaning after!

A moisturizer should also be handy for post-dry cleaning.

Get Glowing with Dry Brushing

You can do your own dry brushing, or you can easily visit a local spa around you that offers the service.

Also, you need to maintain your brush, so it does not damage your skin.

You can do so by rinsing after use and drying in a sunny area.

Clean the brush at least once a week with soap and water.

Also, don’t share your brush so that you reduce the risk of infections.

What do YOU say? Yay or Nay to dry brushing? I’m curious to know!

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