Easy Rules to Best Style Your Wide Leg Pants

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I am so excited that this season is bringing back wide-leg pants because it’s one of my favorite pants for styling chic outfits.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my skinny jeans a much as the next girl, but with wider legs comes more ventilation, more comfort, and the potential for more DRAMA.

You are going to find out which types of wide leg pants are the best for you. 

Will the wide leg pants style make you look taller, shorter, or wider? 

What are the best tops to wear with wide leg pants?

What shoes will make you look the most chic when styling wide leg pants?

Plus, you’ll get simple rules to follow to make sure you achieve the chicest wide-leg pant look you desire.

I think you will love the wide-leg pant, and this will be one of your staples for the coming seasons.

So let’s get started!

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Getting the Right Fit with Your Wide Leg Pants

The key to a great wide leg pant look is, of course, the fit, number one.

Wide leg pants, whether cropped or full length, should fit well in the waist and hips.  It should be snug, but not tight. This will allow the cleanest line from top to bottom.

Wide leg pants are one of my favorite looks for petite women. It really has the potential to make them look so tall and svelte, and the fact that they can wear the highest of high heels and really rock it.

African-american lady in white sweater, black wide-leg pants, and white ankle boots. #widelegpants #wideleg #widelegjeans #denim #palazzo #croppedwideleg #womensfashion

How Do I Fit Wide Let Pants Into What I Already Have?

There is really no need to go buy a whole new outfit. You can choose key pieces to add to your wardrobe each season or year, and I think this should be one of them.

If you tend to wear more casual styles, I would suggest you find a wide-leg denim jean. You’ll have lots of opportunities to add to the tees and sneakers you already have, then you can figure out whether you want to add more to your wardrobe.

If you like to dress up more often, choose one in dressier fabric.  You’ll actually have a lot of versatility with this because you can dress it up or dress it down. You can wear it to work or wear it on date night.

As far a which color to choose, if you like more classic looks, you can always start with a neutral color, like black or beige.

Actually, beige and tan neutrals are big this fall, so this would be an excellent choice to try out two trends in one!

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Petites & Wide Leg Pants

Petite ladies should be especially mindful of the length, though. Make sure that the length takes into account the heel height of the shoe you will be wearing with the wide-leg pants.

You don’t want the pants to bunch at the bottom, because this will actually make you look shorter. Besides, you may trip on your pants, and you don’t want that. Besides the embarrassment, you might ruin your beautiful pants.

Similarly, if the pants are a little too short, enough to show the back heel of your shoe, you can also look shorter.

To give yourself the look of maximum length, find wide-leg pants with high waists, and wear a monochromatic look. In general, wearing the same color from top to bottom has the effect of giving you more height.

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Plus Sizes & Wide Leg Pants

Are you plus size? Yes, you can definitely rock wide-leg pants. In fact, I love the wide leg pant style on everyone!

The key for you is fabric. Avoid fabrics that are too light or see-through.

Make sure you are getting your pants to fit at your widest area, and then you can work from there. Wide leg pants without too many pleats or extra fabric will also give you more of a polished, chic look.

A belt is great for cinching in your waist, if you need that effect, and will give you a more hourglass look. Go for a belt of medium width, because anything too thin will not flatter, and anything too thick will not give you the slimming effect at the waist that you want.

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Tall Ladies & Wide Leg Pants

I know the issue here is going to be the length for tall ladies, especially if you have longer legs than average.

Of course, the obvious answer is to purchase your wide-leg pants from a store specializing in taller women.

If you are of a borderline height, around 5’8” or so, you may be able to find wide-leg pants right off the rack. If you have longer legs, you can either wear them with flats or wear them as more of a cropped style. You have that option.

Another good answer is to look for regular length pants with a cuffed hem. The extra fabric makes them much easier to lengthen, and is often just a matter of letting down the hem and then steaming them really well.

While nothing is wrong at all looking “leggy,” if you want a slightly more proportional look, wear tops and bottoms of different colors. If the colors are the same or similar, a belt of a complementary color will help break up the colors.

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What Shirts Can You Wear with Wide Leg Pants?

For the chicest outfits with wide leg pants, pay attention to proportions.

The best pairings are either crop tops or fitted tops.

Crop tops are great choices, especially for petite ladies, or anyone wearing a high-waist wide-leg pant. The crop creates more height.

Fitted tops and bodysuits are perfect for wide-leg pants. With a bodysuit, you definitely won’t have to worry about your top getting untucked, and you’ll get the chance to play with waistlines. They also look great with paper bag waist pants and jeans.

In the case of button-down tops, pay attention to hem lines. A scooped hem might be more difficult to keep tucked in. And if it’s too long, it may cause unflattering bunching.

Don’t forget t-shirts! A fitted tee will also be an excellent styling option for tucking in your wide-leg pants.

I love the smart casual look of a tee with either pumps or heeled sandals.

However, you don’t necessarily have to wear a fitted top. You can wear a sweater, too! It is possible to pull off an oversized sweater or a flowing top with wide-leg pants. 

Just be mindful if you are on the more petite or plus size because all the extra fabric has the potential of making you look swallowed up and ruining the sleek look wide-leg pants give.

In this case, try a heavier fabric on the bottom, with lighter fabric or texture on top to help balance things out.

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To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

Tucking your shirt in will be easier with a fitted or tailored shirt and with t-shirts. You can tuck it in full, or just half-tuck for a little extra fun.

You can also tuck in sweaters! Yes. The best options have clean hems, with no ribbing at the bottom.

Since they can be a little bulkier, just tuck in a corner for instant chic!

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What about Jackets & Blazers?

These pair very well with wide-leg pants. I’m sure you’ve seen women’s suits featuring wide-leg pants.

You can translate the current trend by adding a slightly longer close-fitting blazer for a sophisticated look. If you want more of a runway look, pair your wide-leg pants with an oversized blazer. Both these looks are very chic.

A classic trench is always a fantastic option to go with any pants, and the wide leg pant is no exception.

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What Shoes Do You Wear with Wide Leg Pants?

There are so many shoe styles that look great with wide leg pants. 

If you want a more casual style with wide-leg trousers or wide-leg jeans, you can wear a sneaker. A platform sneaker will give you a more dramatic effect. In any case, this look is super trendy.

For a classic look, a pointy-toe pump is a great choice. It can be as simple or as embellished as you like.

Sandals are also a perfect choice during warm and transitional weather. Anything from a strappy sandal, thong sandal, or gladiator sandal will give you a little more ventilation while the weather is still warm!

Ankle boots and booties also look awesome with wide-leg pants. You can really have fun here, and try something like metallic, prints, patent leather…the choices are endless.

If you want a more comfortable feel, flats are also an option. As stated before, make sure that your pants are tailored to the correct length. Wide leg pants look great with standard closed-toe flats as well as mules, slides, and gladiator type sandals.

If you are looking for shoes to wear with cropped wide-leg pants, you can wear sneakers or pumps, as well as knee-high boots. This can be a fun look. 

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Final Words On Styling Wide Leg Pants and Jeans

This style can make such a sophisticated silhouette, no matter what size you wear or height you are. You can have a really polished look. They’re slimming, they’re lengthening…they’re just great.

In my opinion, every woman should have a pair of wide-leg pants in her closet this season.

And with the addition of crop wide legs, you really can wear this pants style in any situation, from casual to glam, and everything in between. You can get an everyday casual look, you can wear them to work, and you can even wear them to special events, like weddings. 

What are your favorite ways to style wide-leg pants? Let’s compare notes down below in the comment section!

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Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
Easy Rules to Best Style Your Wide Leg Pants
Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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