The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Guys

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“I don’t need anything.”

Do you get these responses from the man in your life, when you ask him what he wants for Christmas?  While it is endearing, it’s also annoying.  Surely he must know that he is just making your job of finding the perfect present insanely more difficult?!

Yes, you’ve given him hints about all the wonderful things he can buy you.  You may have even given him a list.  But him? Nada.

And, being the season of giving, you’ll get him something awesome, of course.  Even if you have to break your stiletto heels to do it.

So, instead of tearing your hair out, I’ve put together this list of wonderful items that you can gift your guy.

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The Romantic Guy

 2 bracelet set for women and men in long distance relationship as romantic gift idea.

This is an awesome gift for a couple that is in a long-distance relationship. This set of bracelets from Uncommon Goods allows you to feel closer to your beau, wherever he may be—across town or across the country. When you tap your bracelet, his will light up and vibrate, letting him know that you’re thinking of him. You can send up to 10 vibrations at once, so you can work out a secret code between the two of you. The bracelets are also rechargeable and waterproof, so you can wear them in the pool or shower. Long Distance Touch Bracelet.

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 Reproduction of your lips and a special message on keychain is a romantic Christmas gift for him.

This great little stocking stuffer comes from Etsy. This custom made keychain engraves an exact print of your lips and personalized message on either a stainless steel or red aluminum oval. The back can also be engraved with anything you want—dates, initials, or a handwritten message. This would even make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! And a hit with the guys according to the thousands of customer reviews.

The Kid at Heart

 A creative gift for adult boys is therapy dough with essential oils, or can be a funny gift for men.

Your guy can channel his inner child, but with a more adult bonus of aromatherapy. He can roll, shape and squish the dough to his hearts’ content while experiencing the benefits of essential oils. There is orange to improve mood, lavender to calm, and peppermint to increase energy. Therapy Dough.

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 Paper plane made of carbon fiber and flown with smartphone as cool, unique present for young men and even guys who are young at heart.

This gift will have him recalling the days of grade school. You start by folding the carbon fiber “paper” into a paper plane shape. Then you add a blue-tooth enabled device, and use a downloaded app to power up and fly your plane. You can control where it goes, do tricks, and it can fly up to 25 mph! Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane.

Find the perfect gift at Uncommon Goods.

The Mixologist

 Smoking cloche infuses craft cocktail with smoky flavor, making it a cool gift for men this Christmas.

If your guy is the resident bartender and loves a craft cocktail, he’ll love this machine. It adds a smoky finish to his concoctions with a selection of included wood chips. However, you can use it for more than drinks—use it to add the finishing touch to foods as well. The base is made of Acacia Wood, the cloche itself is tempered glass. Crafthouse Smoking Cloche.

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 Unique gift idea for men who love making cocktails is this collection of 4 flavored simple syrups.

Another cool gift idea is this collection of simple syrups. While simple syrup is the go-to sweetener for many cocktails, these flavors add complexity to the drink. Sure to keep him busy at the bar coming up with all types of tasty concoctions. Flavored Simple Syrup Set.

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The Athlete

 Guy wearing his awesome gift, running in the dark wearing  gloves  with attached lights to illuminate the path.

If he’s up at dawn running the trails or getting a light run in before bedtime training for that upcoming marathon? Help him light the way so he doesn’t stumble into a hole or over a rock. Help prevent injuries that will slow him down. Runners light gloves.

Find more at!

 Bose wireless earbuds with 3 choices of size and charging cable make great gift for athletic men.

Make sure he has “Eye of the Tiger” in his ear to motivate him to conquer that last hill or bench his personal best. And with Bose, you know it will be the highest quality sound. Next stop, the Olympics. Okay, maybe not, but he can reach a new PR. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds.

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The Movie Buff

 Poster of 100 iconic movies you can have fun going down the list, watching them together. A Christmas gift for you and your special man.

This is a cool poster with 100 of the most iconic films of all time. Your man scratches them off as he goes along. For extra fun, you can watch them together. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster.

 Computer screen showing selection of films available from streaming site, cool idea for gifts to men who love movies.

This is an online service for true cinema fans. A selection of movies from around the world is curated each month, including cult, independent and foreign films. He can watch on all of his devices: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple TV App, Android, Playstation, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV. The first 7 days are free, then $10.99 a month.

The Manly Man

 Sets of three bars of soap in masculine scents can make funny gifts for men you love.

He’s afraid that if he so much as touches your soap, he may lose his man card. With this 3-bar set, he doesn’t have to worry. There’s hydrating Siberian Fir, deep cleansing Silver Sage and Bergamot, and revitalizing Exotic Musk and Sandalwood. So after he comes inside after chopping wood, wrestling Grizzlies, roping steer, and other such manly things, he can wash the day off with these masculine scents. Man Bar Soap, Set of 3.

 Beard oil and beard balm makes great Christmas gift for brother, husband or dad.

Every bearded gentleman needs to have a routine including these essentials to keep their beard healthy and manageable. Plus, do you really want to be near a scraggly, rough beard? Gift your man the luxury and convenience of a soft healthy beard with this set. Love your beard pack.

The Chef

 Ingredients included in the do-it-yourself hot sauce kit to make a unique Christmas gift for him.

Turn up the heat a notch with this DIY hot sauce kit. It comes with all the ingredients your man needs to make some spicy blends to add to his dishes—dried guajillo peppers, dried chipotle peppers, dried Arbol peppers, cayenne, ancho chile, curry powder, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, and brown sugar. He can make up to 6 bottles of his own small-batch creations. Make your own hot sauce kit.

 If you are looking for gift ideas for your husband or dad who loves to cook, this iPad holder keeps tablet clean and accessible..

While he’s working his magic in the kitchen, keep his tablet safely out of the say with this adjustable stand. It works for tablets and smartphones 6-13” in size and folds when not in use. It swivels 360 degrees and even comes with a bonus adapter for a camera or projector. Ipad stand.

The Fashionable Man

 Cologne is a great idea for Christmas present for him if he likes to look good and smell good.

This woody oriental fragrance recalls the scents of a buzzing jazz scene, starting with zesty pink pepper, primofiore lemon, and neroli oil. Middle notes of rum absolute, clary sage oil, and java vetiver oil add complexity. It finishes off with warm heady tobacco leaf absolute and the subtle sweetness of vanilla bean and styrax resin. Replica Jazz Club, by Maison Margiela.

 Gucci slides make casual cool gifts for men who enjoy and appreciate luxury items.

These are awesome sporty slides that are as comfy as they are stylish. They are a necessity for any luxury athleisure look and make a great gift for men who appreciate luxury items. Comes in 3 color combinations. Gucci Slides.

The Wine Lover

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This vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel canister will keep his bottle of wine or champagne cold for hours. It’s excellent for taking out for an outing and keeping your wine cold through the end of those lawn concerts. Wine Chiller by Vinglace.

 corkcicle insulated wine glass to go in copper for a wine lover.

This is another awesome Christmas present idea for your favorite dude, which can keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. A cool gift idea for men to take with them for all outdoors activities. The beverage containers are made of triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed stainless steel and is available in 8 colors. Corkcicle Stemless Insulated Wine Glass.

The Dad

 Black casual slides that spell out daddy is one of many unique gifts for any dad to love.

Who’s your daddy? These slides make a special gift for the dad in the family. ISlide Men’s Daddy Slide Sandals.

 A luxurious Egyptian  Cotton  bath robe for him in black.

Let dad lounge in the comfort and style of this Egyptian Cotton Terry bathrobe. Make the gift extra special for him by throwing in some bath salts, or even his own mani-pedi. Sometimes dads need pampering, too! Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth Robe.

The Coffee Connoisseur

 Bourbon and coffee make this creative combination for men's Christmas gifts.

Try this unusual twist on the morning Joe for your coffee-loving man. This coffee is infused with bourbon and makes an awesome choice if he is also a fan of this spirit. Bourbon Infused Coffee.

 Coffee infused maple syrup makes a unique gift idea for coffee loving men.

He can continue his coffee obsession with this small-batch maple syrup handmade in Brooklyn, New York. The addition of the caffeinated brew to this authentic maple syrup will give a fun kick to his usual pancakes or waffles. But he can also add this tasty present to ice cream, drinks, and more! Coffee Maple Syrup.

The Sugar Addict

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Your guy uses the included mallet to smash this cake-shaped piñata from Dylan’s Candy Bar. A 9-inch cake is made of milk chocolate and filled with chocolate-covered pretzels with holly and berries sprinkles. This could be the best sugar rush your guy has ever gotten from a Christmas present! Dylan’s Candy Bar Holiday Bash Cake.

 Tin of pecan cayenne cookies for a yummy unique treat for your guy’s Christmas gift.

If your guy is more of a Cookie Monster type, try these all-natural, artisanal cookies. Cayenne gives these crunchy pecan cookies a nice little kick. Red River Spicy Pecan Cookie Tin.

The Tea Lover

 Teas of the Boston Tea party a cool gift idea for a history or tea lover this Christmas.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for a tea lover, this is a good option. This clever gift includes 5 of the teas that were thrown overboard during the 1773 protest, 2 green, and 3 black. Another cool feature of this gift is the inclusion of details on how many chests of each tea that were destroyed and interesting info about tea in early America. Teas of the Boston Tea Party, Uncommon Goods.

 Another cool gift idea for men who enjoy tea, Christmas blend rooibos tea from Palais des Thes.

Gift one of these exceptional teas from Palais des Thes, Paris. They are all-natural and non-GMO. this special Christmas blend makes a great gift idea for friends and family alike. Palais des Thes N. 25 Holiday Rooibos Tea.

The Dog Lover (or the Dog)

 Orthopedic pet bed makes great gift if one of your favorite boys happens to be a fur baby.

Maybe you need a present for the “good boy” in your life. This pet bed is so comfy, it just might keep him out of your bed. Orthopedic Cluster Fiber Pet Bed.

 Naturally shed antlers are a great chewing treat for your pup and a safer  alternative  to rawhide.

Acacia Antlers makes harvest the horns of moose for these natural chewing products. They have no smell, make no stains and have 0 calories. There are horns available for any size fur baby and even the strongest chewers. Acadia Antlers.

The Gentleman Who Appreciates the Finer Things

 Luxury gift for the man who enjoys brands with history.

If your man appreciates fine craftsmanship and a brand with history, try Magee 1866 on for size. This Irish brand has been weaving Donegal tweeds since 1866 and offers fabrics, garments, and accessories. Magee 1866 Navy Delvin ClassicFit Raincoat.

 Louis Vuitton wallet a good luxury Christmas gift.

If your man is more into the traditional fashion houses, you can also shop consignment shops. For example, this Louis Vuitton wallet and more can be found in the luxury vintage shop, What Goes Around Comes Around, based in New York. All items are in great to excellent condition and available at a fraction of the original price. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Wallet What Goes Around Comes Around.

The Gadget Lover

 This remote control that controls everything is a great gift idea for men who love gadgets.

This just may be the one remote to rule them all for men who love their gadgets. This remote can not only control your home entertainment system but other aspects of your smart home, like lights and security system. It features a color touchscreen, a rechargeable battery and is compatible with the Harmony app. Logitec Harmony Elite Smart Home Remote Control.

 Remo plus door camera with HD video, motion sensor, 2-way talk and night vision.

This door camera from Remo+ can be installed in seconds. It features a wire-free, over-the-door smart HD camera with built-in motion sensor, 2-way talk, and night vision. The batteries last up to 12 months. Remo+ DoorCam.

The Gamer

 Oculus Christmas present for guys gamer

All I can say is WOW. I don’t even game like that, but I want one of these! This truly is next level. The touch controllers recreate every movement, hand gestures and all. Talk about an immersive experience! Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB.

 Nintendo switch for your gamer for christmas.

The Nintendo Switch is truly awesome for the serious gamer. This particular model can be played by TV, tabletop, or handheld, so he can play literally anywhere. The handheld console boasts a 6.2” touchscreen and a battery life of up to 9 hours, depending on the game. It’s also available in grey Joy-Con. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con.

The One with the Green Thumb

 Garden seat and kneeler with over 1,000 good reviews from happy customers.

He can make anything grow…or he wants to try. Make it easier on him with this garden seat/kneeler. It has handy side pouches for his tools and has gotten over 1,000 favorable reviews.

 Pruning shears for gardeners

This bad boy is a best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. The steel blades of these pruning shears stay sharp and can cut through stems and branches up to 5/8 inches. This will definitely be handing around the yard.

The Eco-Friendly Guy

 Eco-friendly instant grill, completely biodegradable, grilling an assortment of vegetables.

He cares about you as much as he cares about the environment, and that’s saying a lot. Give him a gift that supports his eco-friendly lifestyle. This instant grill is perfect for spending quality time outdoors. AND it’s completely biodegradable. The included coals stay hot for an hour, so you have plenty of time to toast your delicious sustainably sourced veggies, or whatever you choose, and time left for smores! Eco-friendly Instant Grill.

 Bamboo cutlery set includes a fork, spoon, knife, straw, chopsticks and a serving spoon and comes in a carrying case.

Don’t forget the cutlery! This affordable bamboo set comes in a carrying case and includes a fork, knife, spoon, straw with a handy cleaning brush, and chopsticks. It also comes with the added bonus of a bamboo toothbrush for your bathroom. Or, if he is as conscientious about his oral health as he is about a zero-waste lifestyle, maybe he’ll use it after the feast. Bamboo Cutlery Set.

Final Thoughts on Finding Gifts for Your Favorite Guy

It can be tough to find cool or unique gifts for the men in your life. But finding Christmas gifts for him that are special and unique is possible. Remember that it is Christmas and for whoever the gift is for, be it a boyfriend, friend or your dad, it is always the thought that counts.

Who are you having trouble shopping for?

Cheers, Dears!

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 The best Christmas gifts for guys in 2019.

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