How To Style Leopard Print Sneakers, Ankle Boots, Heels and Tops

 Leopard lounging. This print is a stylish neutral that can be found in all clothing from dresses to tennis shoes to heels and boots.

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Are you ready to see some awesome ways to style your leopard print clothing?

I don’t know what it is about animal prints, but lately, I’m a big fan. It started during the summer craze, and it’s just gotten stronger this fall. It’s a must-have trend for fall (see the others here)! Of all the animal print clothes out there, the print I am loving the most is leopard print.

Before, I would dabble in animal prints here and there.

I was afraid that wearing leopard print would make me look trampy! I just didn’t have a good sense of how to style the print.

Now, I can’t imagine why I thought leopard print should only exist in lingerie or rugs!

Now that I have a better understanding of how to work with leopard prints, I’ve gone all out. I have leopard print tops, purses, and even leopard print tennis shoes.

I’m going to show you how I’ve chosen to style them so that you too can look chic and stylish.

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What Colors Go with Leopard Print?

Most people consider leopard print to be a neutral type of pattern. Which does make sense, given that the spots are black with a brown or tan background. Occasionally, you’ll see touches of yellow, or leopard spots in different hues, but for now, we will discuss classic leopard print.

Therefore, you can treat leopard print like a neutral.

And being a neutral, there are almost infinite numbers of color combinations to compliment the leopard print itself. As such, you can wear leopard print clothing in nearly every situation.

What colors will you wear with leopard print?

How To Style Your Leopard Print Shoes

One of my favorite ways to style leopard this season is in footwear. In this case, sneakers. There are so many amazing sneakers out there, I almost couldn’t decide.  

I finally settled on this pair of sneakers by Schutz. You can find them here (they’re currently on sale!). I’ve styled them in a casual look, with jeans and a light sweater. In the picture on the right, I’ve added a coordinating cell phone case by Michael Kors to round out the casual, around town look.

 Leopard print tennis shoes with jeans and a grey sweater.

 Leopard print tennis shoes with jeans, a grey t-shirt and jean jacket.

 Leopard print sneakers with a leopard print cell phone purse.

Think you can pull off a casual leopard print look?

Another excellent casual way to wear leopard is in the number of leopard print t-shirts that are widely available. The shirt I’m wearing in the pictures here came from Amazon! You can find this one here. You know it was a great price! It was under $20—an amazing find if you just wanted to dip your toe into the leopard print trend.

On the left, I am wearing a simple outfit of the leopard print top with dark jeans and converse sneakers. On the right, I’ve added a puffy vest, which is good for when the days start to get a little chilly. You can add some running shoes to give a nod to athleisure and a comfy but chic outfit to run your errands.

 A leopard print top with dark washed jeans and Converse sneakers.

 A leopard print top with puffer vest, dark wash jeans and running shoes.

How To Wear Your Leopard Print Booties

I snagged these leopard print booties at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and I have been itching to wear them! These are no longer available (I know, boo hoo…but you can find others here).

 Leopard booties with a simple knee-length grey sweater dress.

 Leopard booties with a wine colored knee-length leather dress.

 A black sleeveless top, black jeans, and leopard print boots.

 A burgandy sweater with black jeans and leopard print booties.

In the top left corner, I style the leopard booties with a sweater dress. This particular sweater dress looks a little dressier, so the leopard boots go well with this.

At the top right corner, I am wearing a leather dress by Vince. Leather is very fashionable this season but can be a bit pricy. If you are willing to rent some high-quality pieces such as this, I would recommend you try Vince Unfold. For a set monthly fee, you can rent Vince items, with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways. Get more information in the link at the end of the post. If you want to know other ways of wearing a leather dress, check out the post here.

Bottom left is a simple black top with black jeans with leopard print booties. This would be an excellent outfit for just going out to meet the ladies to grab a drink at the local wine bar. Or dancing, as you prefer! Looking for the most awesome ways to wear boots with jeans? Check out this post here.

Bottom right I’ve added a sweater by Joie to give a little extra color to the combination. Adding deeper fall colors can add a festive flair to your leopard print booties and is very suitable for fall.

Can You Wear Leopard Print in the Office?

While leopard is a neutral and is so versatile, I feel that you have to walk a fine line for work. To still maintain your professional air and feel, I opt to just have touches here and there when I choose to wear leopard prints.

This outfit, for example. I have added the booties to a leather skirt (also from Nordstrom—find more leather skirts here) and a simple blouse. One piece of leopard in the office is more than enough, in my opinion. I would not ever wear something like a leopard dress to the office.


 Leopard print booties can be worn with professional attire and dressed up with a sweater and leather skirt.


Conversely, I also have this amazing leopard blouse. I can wear this either with slacks, plus or minus a blazer. It also works with a knee-length skirt and simple pumps.


 Leopard pring tops can be worn in the work environment in a tasteful, professional way.


I also have these awesome leopard print heels that are also very comfortable. I can walk around in these and be comfortable until the end of the day.


 Leopard print heels give a nice splash of color to this all black ensemble.


Leopard wedges are also great for the office, as the wedge makes them very comfortable. I can wear them for hours at a time and my feet don’t hurt. These wedges I also like to wear with slacks. Maybe I’m just a slacks lover.


 Animal print wedges are a good way to wear leopard print to work because they are so comfortable.


Just change out a different blouse for work. As I said, you can wear any color of the rainbow with leopard print. I have seen outfits with orange and even shades of green paired with a neutral leopard print. They are just not my personal taste. But if you look great in greens, I say go for it! Below, I’ve chosen a red top to go with my simple black slacks and Sam Edelman leopard print heels.


 Demonstrating that leopard print heels go well with simple work outfits.


Leopard Print Dresses


 Leopard print dress and black Tory Burch clutch.


I am also loving leopard printed dresses this season. This dress is from L’Agence and is a great option if you like the all-over leopard print. I styled this with simple black pumps and a clutch from Tory Burch because I wanted to highlight the dress.

If you choose to go with an all-over leopard dress, I would recommend you wear simple pumps like a solid black or brown, depending on the predominant shade of the leopard print. For an extra bold look, you could also go with red heels.

Final Thoughts on Styling Leopard Prints

Leopard prints can make an amazing addition to your fall wardrobe. It’s so versatile, you can wear it in almost any situation and with all colors. Special attention should be paid, however, to the pieces you choose for workwear, so that you can maintain a professional and appropriate look. However, leopard print is a fun and classic print that should be part of any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Currently, I’m on the hunt for a great leopard print sweater or coat (see what I did there, 😂). Maybe I’ll manage to get so much leopard I can wear it head to toe. Maybe I’ll even mix my animal prints…we’ll have to see what I can come up with!

How are you styling your leopard print clothes for this season? What’s your favorite leopard print piece? Comment below! And don’t forget to share. Because sharing is caring.

Until next time,

Cheers, dears!

*Note that no actual leopards were harmed in the making of this post. 😁

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