Ultimate Cold Weather Clothing Hacks To Keep You Toasty Warm This Winter

 Top cold weather clothing hacks for winter

I can’t say that I love winter. I love wearing sweaters and coats, but I don’t like freezing wind and having my toes go numb. I love the hot chocolate and fireplaces, but I could do without the snow, thank you very much!

Despite this, I spent a good amount of time in the MidWest, so I know how important cold-weather wardrobe hacks can be. It’s hard enough to force yourself NOT to hibernate, but then to stand shivering outside in the cold while waiting to see your favorite band? That’s the definition of misery!

Do you need some cold weather clothing hacks to keep you warm this winter?

Never fear! I will share some fabulous hacks I have used myself during the many winters I spent cursing lake-effect snow. I hope they will help you make it through this winter with grace and style!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

  1. Warm Your Clothes Up

  2. Wear Tights

  3. Turtleneck for the Win

  4. Cover Yourself, Obviously

  5. Freeze Your Tights

  6. Line Them (Your Shoes) Up

  7. Use Your Noodles

  8. Mittens Instead

  9. Nuke ‘em

  10. Get Your Sweater Back in Shape

  11. No More Pilling

  12. Another Use For Your Toothbrush

  13. Get Rid of Salt Stains

  14. Don’t Toss That Stale Bread Yet

  15. Store Your Sweaters the Right Way

  16. Kiss Unpleasant Boot Smell Good-bye

Which Winter Weather Wardrobe Hack Will Be a Game Changer For You?

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Warm Up Your Clothes Before You Put Them On:

There’s something cruel about having to pull a cold sweater or t-shirt over your head in the winter. Who doesn’t love something nice and warm wrapped around them?  I know I do!  Just throw your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes.  Or, you can grab your hairdryer to warm the insides before you slip them on.  This hack makes waking up early in cold weather slightly more tolerable.

Wear Tights Under Your Pants Or Jeans

Staying warm in cold weather often requires layering your clothes.  It should be a mantra. Layer, layer, layer. Depending on how tight your pants are, you can wear tights or leggings under them.  Unless they’re skinny jeans, you can often at least get a pair of tights underneath, which does a lot to improve your level of comfort. This wardrobe hack is especially good for wearing your distressed jeans during winter weather so that you can protect your skin from the cold air.

 winter clothing hack: wear tights under dress

Wear a Turtleneck Under Your Dress

Layering a turtleneck under your dress is a great way to keep your neck and arms warm.  You may be able to leave your scarf at home and you will get more wear out of your dresses.

Pair a Sweater with Your Dress

Similarly, you can layer a cozy sweater over your dress.  This is one of my favorite cold-weather clothing hacks. Adding a chunky or oversized sweater made out of wool, or cashmere, or alpaca, adds so much warmth (and style) to your winter outfit.

 Clothing Hacks to survive cold weather: Wear a sweater over your dress

Freeze Your Tights to Extend Their Life

When you get a new pair of tights, make sure to treat them first.  Soak your tights with water.  Wring out the excess water, put them in a bag, then in the freezer overnight.  Take them out and let them thaw off and dry completely.  Voila!  Freezing the fibers makes them stronger, so your tights will last longer without running!

 Cold weather clothing hack: Put your tights in the freezer to extend their life

Line Your Shoes

Always have cold toes? Get some wool felt and use the insole of your shoe to cut an exact duplicate.  Place these in your shoes. This felt will help keep your feet warmer.

DIY Boot Shapers

Forget the expensive ones from the store!  Use pool noodles as boot shapers.  This is a clothing hack I can get behind because it’s such a money saver, too.

Wear Mittens Instead

The skin-to-skin contact from mittens makes this accessory warmer than the usual gloves.  Although, they do make it more challenging to text. For extra warmth, I recommend adding a hand warmer. They are so amazing! Get one for each hand.

 Cold weather clothing hack: Wear mittens instead of gloves

Microwave Your Mittens (or Gloves!)

Did you get your mittens wet having a snowball fight? Well, get rid of the moisture in about a minute by popping it in the microwave.

Un-shrink Your Sweater

I know I’ve done this accidentally!  This particular winter clothing tip works best with natural fibers like alpaca, mohair, wool, and cashmere.

After you wash a sweater and notice that it shrunk, don’t put it in the dryer.

Fill the sink or bathtub with just enough water to cover the sweater.  Add 2 tablespoons of fabric softener or baby shampoo and let the sweater soak for about 10 minutes. This relaxes the fibers in the sweater, so you can then stretch it back to its original size.  Lay the sweater flat to dry.

Get Rid of Sweater Pills

Even when you are gentle with your winter knits, they may still develop some annoying pilling.  There are devices made especially for this purpose.  I highly recommend this fabric shaver that you can find HERE. It really makes a big difference having a really nice sweater fabric shaver. It speeds up the process, especially when you have a collection of sweaters!

However, there are a couple of items you probably have that will solve your problem. A disposable razor can be used to remove the pills.  Run it lightly over the sweater to slice that pilling right off. Another good option is a pumice stone.  Again, a light touch is necessary. Run the stone over the garment to remove the pilling. Find a pumice stone HERE. I like this set of 2 because you can keep one in the shower and have one for the sweaters.

Clean Matted Suede with a Toothbrush

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush the surface of your suede.  This helps to remove any matting that might have occurred and can help remove any dirt. Just don’t rub too hard.  In no time, the suede will look nearly brand new.

Remove Stains on Suede with a Piece of Bread

Take a stale piece of bread crust. Rub it over the stain on the suede item to remove it.

 Winter weather wardrobe hack: Use stale bread to remove stains from suede

Say Goodbye to Salt Stains

Ugly salt stains can ruin your boots and just make you look less than polished. Remove salt stains using water mixed with a little vinegar.  Or try Boot Rescue wipes. You can find them HERE.

 Winter clothing hack: How to clean salt stains from shoes

Hang Your Sweaters Properly

It can be tough to figure out how to store your sweaters.  If you fold them, you need to have enough shelf space to hold them.  You can’t hang them, because that would cause ugly bumps on the shoulders fro stretching the fibers.  The hang-fold method of storing sweaters is a great way to keep your sweaters looking great.

Kick the Stink Out of Your Boots

There are a few methods you can try.  You can simply sprinkle baking soda inside of the boots. A little messy, but does the job, just like in the refrigerator.  You can spray a little white vinegar in the boots if you don’t mind the smell.  Or simply tuck a new tea bag inside to neutralize the odor.

 Winter clothing hack: Use baking soda, vinegar, or tea bag to get rid of boot smell

Final Thoughts on Winter Clothing Hacks

I hope you’ve enjoyed these winter wardrobe hacks.

They certainly can make the cold weather much more fun. Just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you can’t be warm and stylish!

Which Cold Weather Clothing Hack Will You Use This Winter?

I would love to know. Share in the comments below!

Cheers, Dears!

Don’t forget to share the love!

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