Fall 2020 Wardrobe Essentials You Need Now

Have you given consideration to the essential pieces you want to add to your fall wardrobe?

I know you, like me, are still holding onto the last sunny hot days of summer!

But the truth is, pumpkin spice season is practically here! So it’s time to start planning which clothes and looks you are going to add to your wardrobe this fall.

The great part about a lot of these Fall essentials is that they are versatile enough that you can save them until it’s officially Fall, but you can also wear many of them right now! Transitional weather perfection!

So get ready, these are the clothes every woman should add to her wardrobe this fall!

You can shop these style by clicking the pics, which will take you right to the fabulous piece that you can add right to your cart!

You can see these and more of my favorites by shopping my Shop Style Store right here!

Puffed Sleeve Styles

In fashion-speak, it’s called a mutton-sleeve, I guess because it looks like the leg of a sheep 😳.

In any case, these puffed sleeve pieces can be very subtle or bold and dramatic, as you’ll see in the selection below.

This is definitely must have fall fashion, and if there is one current style you must have, I would put this at the top of the list.

Fringed Fun

Add a little extra fun to your fall basics with trendy fringe accents.

I’ve seen so many awesome fall tops featuring fringe, as well as other clothing like dresses and skirts. There are, of course, the usual accessories like boots and belts.

However, many of the fringed clothing for fall is very wearable during the daytime, and even appropriate for work. See some of my selections below!

Nudes of All Hues

As you know, “nude” can mean different hues for each of us.

Fortunately, there are shades for everyone, whether they are the color of milk to the color of chocolate.

So this is definitely a fall clothing trend that can be translated into everyone’s wardrobe!

Another great fall essential is animal print. Check out these animal print outfits for some inspiration.

Glitz & Sparkle

Add a little extra bling to your everyday fall outfits with these pieces.

Personally, this is a fall trend I can fully support, and is an essential in my wardrobe any time of the year! 😂

Seriously, though, it is possible to translate a little glitz and glam to your everyday fall outfits by adding sparkle in moderation. There’s no need to go crazy.

Statement Furs

A fur coat is always a good idea as the temperatures drop. This fall, an oversized faux fur or shearling coat is a must-have fashion staple.

Also making an appearance are leather coats with fur collars, channeling a 60s vibe. Can you dig it?

Dramatic Black

In my opinion, black is a classic and therefore ALWAYS in vogue!

But this color, synonymous with New York City high style is here for fall in a big way. Piles of ruffles, bold collars, and interesting cuts are coming in this hue. So if you follow this trend for fall, make sure you are all in and ready to make an entrance.

Preppy Perfection

The classic preppy aesthetic is coming back strong for Fall 2020. Khakis and cardigans were the foundations of this look and donned by the likes of dreamy Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell and Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Collegiate sweaters and rugby stripes were back on the runways, with classic tailored white button-downs shirts, vests, and argyle prints having a moment once again.

So grab your cardigan of choice, and get ready to tie it around your shoulders.

Everyday Lingerie

Lingerie worn outside of the bedroom has always been a little controversial. And undergarments peeking out from beneath or being purposely revealed has started a lot of debates.

Nevertheless, daytime lingerie is back in a big way. Not only are there the flowy lace slip dresses cropping back up, but Katie Holmes seems to have ushered in the knit bra trend.

If you’re a little shy (or a little chilly) throw a cardigan sweater or blazer over top, wearing it over a fitted tee, or under a mesh top.


This is a familiar print you probably know and love. It comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns, and like PSL, brings on feelings of coziness for me.

It’s plaid season again, and it pairs perfectly with the Preppy trend. A pleated plaid skirt and button down with a tailored blazer is the autumn outfit perfection!

Bold Reds

This color is anything but subtle. It’s the color of passion, power and energy.

You can channel the intensity of this color as an accent to your autumn outfits, by way of shoes or purse, or if you are feeling particularly bold, a red dress or red outerwear.

Fall 2020 trends are bringing some familiar seasonal styles as well as some statement-making pieces. Whatever you choose to wear this fall, make sure you love it, and have fun wearing it.

Which fall trend are you most excited to wear?

Which fall essential style are you planning on adding to your wardrobe?

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