Jeans Trends to Make You Say Adios to Skinny Jeans

see what jeans are trending. women jeans and denim trends for 2021. baggy jeans, bootcut jeans, straight leg jeans.

The reign of the skinny jeans trend is over!

I know, so dramatic…But seriously, am I the only one whose legs started to lose feeling after sitting too long?

They are NOT made for Netflix and chillin’ or work from homing. I know a lot of us have been doing both a LOT over the past year.

And let’s be honest. Sweatsuits are comfy and all, but jeans are a staple…surely there’s a way to bring the beloved jean back to our closets, but in more wearable styles?

Yaaaaas, queen! There is!

Here are the best jeans trends for 2021 that will make you breath a sigh of relief (and just breathe, period).

Straight Leg Jeans Trend

I know that for some of us, we might have trouble remembering life before the skinny jean.

Trust me, there was fashion life before the skinny jean, and there will be life beyond the skinny jean.

You will manage.  It’s just about trying something new and having fun, right?

Straight leg jeans in 2021 are trending a little slimmer and higher waisted than its predecesors. 

This is great news! Why? It will give you the appearance of looonnnng model legs! Choosing a jean with a higher waist will help lengthen them even more!

PLUS, with a full length straight leg jean, your ankles will actually be covered. Win. Win.

I mean, the whole twinset or cami with ballet flats is just so tired, don’t you think?

Now, take that same cami, add straight leg jeans and your chunky Moto booties? Streetstyle chic!

Bootcut Jeans are #Trending!

Bootcut jeans have scratched their way back on top of the trendy pile, after being overtaken by the skinny jean. How fitting, as it was the skinny jean that claimed the bootcut jeans’ spot all those years ago.

Bootcut denim jeans were so amazing because they helped make a lot of body styles (me included), look curvier.

Now, you can reap the benefits of the return of the bootcut.

However, the trendy bootcut jeans of 2021 are more refined. They have a slim leg, a higher waist and a more subtle flare…a baby bootcut, if you will.

How to wear them? Create long lean lines by wearing heeled shoes. Other than that, go crazy. If you were to buy one style of jean this season, I would vote for the bootcut jean for its shear versatility.

The Baggy Jeans Trend 2.0

What’s not to love about baggy jeans? You can move in them, breath in them…it’s a comfy as it gets.

Add to that distressing and you have denim near perfection.

Note! These are not the baggy, hanging off your hips, showing off your a** crack jeans made popular by rappers and singers.

The baggy jeans currently in style for 2021 are much more structured. This denim style is characterized by a defined waist and actual hems. Forget the stepping on the back of your jeans, dirty, ripped nonsense.

How to rock these? Baggy jeans are best done by balancing with something close fitting on top. Think a cute graphic tee, tissue turtleneck (tuck it!) or a closely cropped blazer. Add some amazing accessories and voila!

Should I Really Get Rid of My Skinny Jeans? 🥺

Noooo! I was kidding when I said the trend was dead. Really what’s happening is that the popularity of skinny jeans is going down. As you know, this happens with every trend.

However, just because something is not the hottest trend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it.

After all, you don’t have to follow every trend, and your personal style should be what represents you. What you’re comfortable in.

You’ll just find new, fresh ways to wear the clothing you have, including the skinny jeans. And do as you always do. Add to your wardrobe piece by piece as your budget allows, when you do choose to try a new trend.

Which jeans trend are you going to wear this season?

Have fun!

see what jeans are trending. women jeans and denim trends for 2021. baggy jeans, bootcut jeans, straight leg jeans.
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