Winter Skincare Tips To Keep Your Face Glowing

 Face care routine

Does your skin seem to be dying of thirst by the time you wake up in the morning?

Do you battle chapped skin and lips?

Try adding these tips to your winter skincare routine!

Here’s the rundown:

  1. Remember Proper Technique

  2. Layer Up Your Skincare

  3. Remember To Exfoliate

  4. Protect Your Skin From the Elements

  5. Keep Using Your Serum

  6. Add a Face Mask

  7. Make Sure You Have Kissable Lips

  8. Watch Your Diet

  9. Hydrate

Dry winter skin is no fun, especially when it’s on your face.  But I’ve found these tips for winter skincare that you may find useful, and I want to share them with you.

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1. Remember the Proper Technique

Use a gentle cleanser for your skin type to remove oils produced overnight.  Gently massage the cleanser in circular motions without scrubbing.  Rinse with warm water and pat to dry.

Avoid facial cleansers with fragrances and additives that are drying.  Cleansers formulated with chamomile or oatmeal.

 Winter skincare tips

2. Consider Layering Up Your Skincare for Winter

Humidity tends to drop when the temperature drops, leaving your skin thirsty for hydration.  You may find that you need to add a heavier moisturizer to your skincare regimen during winter.  For maximum moisture, choose cream over a lotion, and moisturizers made with ceramides or hyaluronic acid.

You may want to try a cleansing oil instead during the cold weather unless you have very oily skin.  Cleansing oils make a great cleanser during dry winters, and your face will love you for it.  Cleansing oils gently dissolve makeup and dirt, but won’t strip your skin of oils essential to keeping your skin strong against the elements.

 Winter skincare essentials

3. Remember To Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an essential part of winter skincare.  Dry skin will continue to be dry if you do not exfoliate from time to time.  Because no matter what you apply, none of the serums or creams will be able to absorb into the skin.

Choose a scrub with glycolic acid or lactic acid and use it 2 or 3 times a week.  If you have severely dry skin, instead of using an exfoliating product, use a wet washcloth for a gentler option.

If you use Retin-A, use every other day, because it may cause extra dryness, being that it causes exfoliation as well.

 Skincare for cold weather

4. Protect Your Skin From the Elements

This winter skincare tip doesn’t deal with products themselves.  If you are out in the cold, cover your face and neck with a scarf.  It keeps the wind from sucking the moisture from your skin.

 Skincare winter

5. Keep Using Serums

Even though most of the skincare products you use can change from summer to winter, serums are the one thing that you can use year-round.  As long as it is alcohol-free, you can still use the same or similar serum as part of your winter skincare regimen.

You definitely want to protect your skin from free radicals and prevent sun spots and premature fine lines. Continue to use SPF 30 to protect your skin from UV rays even on cold, cloudy days.

 Dry winter skin

6. Add a Face Mask

Masks are excellent for giving your skin a much-needed treatment quickly.  So why not make a face mask part of your regular winter skincare routine?  When you remove the mask, be sure to gently massage the excess product into your skin.

 Winter skincare regimen

7. Treating Chapped Lips

First, don’t pick at chapped lips.  Avoid lip balms containing camphor, eucalyptus, or menthol.  These feel good at first but dry your lips out faster, making you have to reapply the lip balm.  Choose a lip balm that heals and contains sunscreen.  You want to create a protective barrier.

 Winter skincare essentials and tips

8. Watch Your Diet

In addition to good skincare, eating a diet rich in walnuts, olive oils, and avocados can support skin health in the winter.  Be sure not to overdo it with caffeine and alcohol, because these cause dehydration.

 Face skincare care routine

9. Hydrate

As usual, drink water!  Water should be part of a healthy skincare regimen, winter or not.  You can even opt for a warm cup of water with lemon.

Central heating can do a number on the skin during the winter by drying it out.  Moisturize your skin this winter using a humidifier, or by placing a bowl of boiling water in the room.

Final Thoughts on Winter Skincare Tips

I hope you enjoyed these skincare tips to keep your face glowing this winter. Now you can keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and happy, no matter how cold it may get using these tips.

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