50 Terrific Trench Coats to Complete Your Fall Outfits

 50 fabulous choices of this fall staple to fit any budget.
50 fabulous choices of this fall staple to fit any budget.

As much as I love the summer, there’s a lot to love about fall.  Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, the temperatures start to become less oppressive, everything gets a little more cozy. The changing leaves, and sweater weather.

There is one piece of clothing, if you should add one thing, should be a trench coat.  It should be a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. If you don’t have one, never fear! I’ve rounded up the 50 best trench coats around the web, for every budget. 

So whether you’re shopping for your first trench coat or you have a line of trench coats in your closet, there is sure to be one that catches your eye! 

When should you wear a trench coat?

This piece being so versatile, you can wear it not only in the fall but through winter layering and well into spring, even the summer depending on where you live.  So I think it’s totally worth investing in, but I realize not everyone is at that point, so I’ve also found some great, well-reviewed options to fit your budget.

Are trench coats waterproof?

The trench coat in its most traditional sense is made of a gabardine fabric, which was invented by Thomas Burberry (yep, that Burberry!). This fabric is made by first waterproofing the cotton yarn as well as the finished fabric after it was tightly woven.  This produced a waterproof trench coat that is both durable and lightweight.

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Anatomy of the Classic Trench Coat

Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


What exactly is a trench coat?

From one of my favorite fashion books of all time, Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style, a trench is defined as “a knee-length or long coat made from waterproof cotton or wool, with a belt and sometimes caped shoulders; first used by the military in World War I, it became popular after featuring in films such as Casablanca.”

The original colors for trench coats were camel and khaki, with some stone and sand.  With the wide number of colors, fabrics and detailing, the classic army trench coat now coexists with everything from satin trench coats to leather trench coats! Furthermore, the first trench coats were double-breasted; now there are a lot of single-breasted trench coats to be found!

Some modern trench coats for women retain a lot of the traditional features of a trench coat, although the use is long gone.

Epaulets, the shoulder tabs, were used during the war to hold things like whistles, gas masks and gloves.

Similarly, D-rings were used to clip gear onto the coat, like grenades.

Gun flaps served 2 purposes: provided some padding for when the rifle recoiled and to cover the rifle to prevent water from entering.

Some features still pretty useful, though.  The collar can be worn folded down or popped up and often has a hook and eye closure or a smaller belt to protect your neck from the wind.  Add a scarf, and you’ll get extra warmth.

The sleeve loops do the same thing, preventing wind or rain from entering the sleeves.

Pockets were big so that soldiers cook put their binoculars or maps in them. Now, there’s plenty of room for you iPhone XRS.

No, the storm shield in the back provides was not there to make you less wind resistant as you run to catch the elevator.  It’s to provide ventilation. 

The wedge hem allowed soldiers the freedom to move quickly but also helped to keep them dry and warm.


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The best trench coat for you

Where exactly a trench coat should fall depends on your height and the length of the coat.  Generally, if you are short, you should avoid wearing full-length trench coats. On the flip side, if you are tall, you may want to instead go for a longer length trench coat. It’s all about proportions.

A trench coat for a woman should fit as any other coat would–it should take into account a layer like a sweater if you choose.  Some designers will give a little room in the shoulders to allow for a layer, but my best advice is to try the coat on in person if at all possible.  Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re stuffed into a coat!

Trench coats for Petite women

The best trench coats for you are either going to be short coats or mid-length trenches. A full-length trench coat will swallow you up and make you look way too tiny. Short trench coats for you should fall above the hips.  You would also look great in even a cropped type of trench. However, if you are a Short Triangle Body Shape, make sure that the trench doesn’t stop right at your hip so you aren’t adding visual weight to the hip area. Longer trench coats for you should ideally stop just below the knee.

Trench coats for Tall Women

In general, the full-length trench coats, as well as a lot of mid-length trench coats, are going to look the best on you. Be careful of short or cropped trench coats. These styles will easily make you look either gangly or like you bought a too-small coat.  A lot of times, a mid-length trench coat will end up being more like a short length trench, especially if you are on the taller end of the spectrum. That is, unless, you buy your trench from a specialized store, like Long Tall Sally, where your proportions are taken into consideration.

The Pear Body Shape

Your body shape allows for trench coats that have wide lapels and even puffed sleeves. Also, try a single-breasted trench coat the bring the eye inward. You may also want to try some peplum styles.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The detailing on your trench are bringing focus to the body half.  So try to keep the top half of your trench as clean as possible. Even consider a more modern trench that doesn’t have the shoulder straps or gun flap to eliminate unnecessary bulk. Instead, concentrate your details below your waist. Try a trench with peplum detailing at the waist or an A-line trench coat.  Pleated trench coats are also going to look good on you.

Hourglass Body Shape

The original trench coat shape is just fine for you.  The belt accentuates your waist and helps highlight your shape.  If you choose something like a pleated, A-line or duster trench coat, be sure that it balances up top.

Rectangle Body Shape

The classic trench is a fantastic choice for you, almost as if it were made for you.  The belt helps accentuate your waist and detailing at the shoulders helps visually widen your top half compared to your waist. You can opt for the clean classic type of bottom, or even a ruffled trench coat or A-line trench coat.

Apple Body Shape

Opt for more of an A-line silhouette in terms of trench coats.  Women’s trench coats without a belt is a great option, like a wrap style trench coat.  If the coat comes with a belt, try tying it to the back. Recall that the most important place for your coats to fit is at the shoulders.  Also, keep single-breasted trench coats in mind while you’re shopping.

Fabulous Trench Coats Under $100

Here are some great, highly-rated trench coats that are easy on the budget. There are a good amount of Amazon trench coats on this list. The great part about Amazon is that if you have Prime Wardrobe, you can try clothing items for 7 days to see if you like them!

Learn more —> here


Moderately Priced Trench Coats ($100-$500)

If you’re looking for a good trench coat but don’t want to go crazy, take a look at these. There are some cool ones with faux fur collars, some classic London Fog women’s trench coats, and some much more functional waterproof trench coats for women. Check out the hot pink trench coat from Kate Spade! If you’re tall, you’re not left out, and you aren’t bound by “regular” old khaki. Take a peek at the cool blue trench by Long Tall Sally, and much more!


Trench Coats Worth the Splurge…

You’ll drop a little (or a lot) of cash on these beautiful trench coats. Because…fashion. But they’re just so swoon-worthy! There are of course the classic Burberry, although in this case a great satin trench coat. If you’re looking for a unique leather trench coat, look no further. There’s a fun spin on the plaid trench as well as a fabulously sexy short leopard trench coat!


Final Thoughts on Trench Coats for Women

Don’t let your outerwear be an afterthought. There are some great options for coats, in particular, trench coats, for women this season. However, it’s possible to make a trench coat part of your capsule wardrobe, because its versatility makes it a garment that you can wear almost year-round. Find a basic trench coat that you love, and who knows, you might be hooked!

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Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


Dr nStyle - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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